Sunset Hill Brewing Company

Situated on 35 acres of rolling countryside, Sunset Hill brews an assortment of delicious beers, all with locally sourced ingredients. We have been working with them since their pre-opening phases to generate hype in the local community. Between the stunning landscape outside and tons of beer-related action inside, the content possibilities are endless.

Drone Overview Video

Leveraging our advanced drone capabilities, we secured breathtaking aerial views of the brewery. The video culminates with a captivating sunset scene, echoing the inspiration behind the brewery’s name.

Canning Video

We captured and crafted a behind-the-scenes canning video, offering customers an inside glimpse of the journey that Sunset Hill’s delectable beers take from fermenters straight to your household fridge.

Grand Opening Promo Video

We crafted a promotional video to ignite excitement for the brewery’s grand launch. The result? A grand opening weekend that saw a phenomenal turnout, attracting thousands from across southeastern Pennsylvania.

Soft Opening Video

To coincide with the brewery’s soft launch, we produced a video highlighting their interim hours and showcasing their unique can designs, ensuring patrons were both informed and enticed.

Brewing Session

We dedicated a day to capture the intricate brewing process, crafting an Instagram Reel that provides a peek into the creation of their delectable brews.

Animal Video

An integral aspect of the Sunset Hill journey is mingling with the resident farm animals. We crafted an Instagram Reel spotlighting this delightful experience.

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