Rustic Red Door Co.

Working alongside small businesses, especially family-run ventures, is truly a passion of ours. Rustic Red Door Co. exemplifies dedication, infusing each of their creations with a distinct and meticulous vision. Every choice they undertake, from selecting the perfect wood slab to the final finish, embodies their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It’s an honor for us to craft product videos for Rustic Red Door, illuminating their handiwork through strategic lighting and dynamic camera techniques.

Palmer Solid Wood Storage Chest

In our product video spotlighting the Palmer Storage Chests, we employed dramatic lighting to evoke a profound ambiance. By maintaining a subdued background, we ensured the chests took center stage, allowing their craftsmanship and details to truly shine.

Leather Fly Swatters

Rustic Red Door, a family-owned and operated business, seamlessly blends professional craftsmanship with familial warmth. In one memorable video crafted by the team, the spotlight was turned to the owner’s young son. With determination in his eyes, he embarks on a whimsical quest to tackle a pesky fly using Rustic Red Door’s artisanal leather fly swatter. Such authentic, heartfelt moments are a testament to the brand’s genuine essence and the creative vision behind their promotional content.

Holbrooke Extendable Dining Table

A product video we shot showcasing the features and functionality of the Holbrooke Dining Table.

Custom Built Desks

This video was created to promote the customizable desk options offered at Rustic Red Door, spanning across multiple different shapes and wood types.

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