Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center

Normandy Farm isn’t just about luxury accommodations and gourmet dining; it also excels in offering premier team-building experiences for its corporate retreat packages. Capturing these engaging activities on film was as enjoyable for us as participating was for the attendees!

Teambuilding Video

Normandy Farm goes beyond plush stays and sumptuous meals; they’re renowned for curating top-tier team-building sessions tailored for corporate retreats. Documenting these vibrant activities was as exhilarating for our team as the experience was for the participants!

Farm-to-Door Microcontent

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we crafted Instagram Reels to highlight the simplicity and efficiency of Normandy Farm’s curbside pickup. With the catchy tagline, “It’s That Easy, It’s That Fresh,” our aim was to design quick, engaging videos optimized for the swift-scrolling world of social media, boosting both shares and views.

It's That Fresh

n this Reel we show that not only is the process easy and convenient, but the food is also impeccably fresh.

Renovated Carriage House Walkthrough

This video was designed to spotlight the freshly revamped Carriage House at Normandy Farm, inviting viewers to consider it for their upcoming stay. Incorporating wide-angle shots, gimbal stabilization, and aerial drone footage, we adopted a “real estate” videography style, ensuring a comprehensive yet easily consumable visual experience.

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