Merkel’s Tree Service

Merkel’s Tree Service is the premier tree service provider in Berks County, renowned for their exceptional expertise and commitment to safety. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched, reflected in their hundreds of 5-star reviews online. We were tasked with creating a set of videos for Merkel’s Tree Service that could be used across their website and social media platforms. Our mission was to showcase the unwavering professionalism and safety the Merkel’s team provides, while also keeping the videos captivating. One of our key tactics for creating engaging visuals was deploying a couple of our favorite tools—our drone and GoPros—to capture creative angles. Explore our collection of videos that showcase the outstanding work and meticulous attention to detail that set Merkel’s Tree Service apart.

Merkel's Tree Service - Full Spot

Merkel's Tree Service - 30 Second Spot

Merkel's Tree Service - 30 Seconds Vertical

Merkel's Tree Service - 15 Second Cut

Merkel's Tree Service - 15 Second Cut v2

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