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In collaboration with our partners at Hurray Brands, we embarked on a project to craft a series of four videos, all aimed at a grand marketing campaign for Caesars Entertainment. Our objective? To engage the corporate sector and persuade them that their next conference should unfold amidst the grandeur of Caesars Entertainment venues. Across an intense three-day shoot, we immersed ourselves in the myriad of experiences Caesars resorts had to offer, capturing the essence of what makes them a top choice for corporate events.

5 Dishes at Caesars Casinos

A cinematic journey through the making of five delectable dishes that are a must-try at Caesars resorts. Witness the artistry and passion that goes into each creation, ensuring every bite is an unforgettable experience.

Chef Alfredo

Executive Banquet Chef at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center, Chef Alfredo, emphasizes the significance of the farm-to-table concept at Caesars eateries. Regardless of the event’s magnitude, Chef Alfredo takes pride in procuring local ingredients from New Jersey’s rich farms to conjure his delectable creations.

Why Caesars, Why Now

In this insightful video, Karie Hall, the esteemed VP and General Manager of Bally’s Atlantic City, elucidates the reasons Caesars Entertainment stands out as the premier choice for hosting upcoming meetings and conventions.

A Day in the Life of a Meeting Planner

This video was crafted with the aim to highlight the array of amenities and special conveniences extended to meeting planners who choose to partner with Caesars Entertainment.

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