Butera Group Real Estate

Meet Pam Butera, a real estate agent with over 20 years in the game and one of the top agents in the Philadelphia area. We were honored to capture her story and give the world a glimpse into why so many people trust The Butera Group when buying or selling a home. We used eye-catching visuals and a laid-back storytelling style to boost her brand, showing off her professionalism and friendly approach.

Butera Group Real Estate Promotional Video

Pam Butera Social Media Version

In addition to our primary deliverable, we have developed a supplementary social media advertisement. We adapted the main video, originally crafted for website integration, by shortening its duration by half and modifying its format to suit a vertical orientation. Recognizing that a significant number of users watch videos on social media without sound, we have also incorporated captions, specifically tailored for Instagram Reels.

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