Adam’s Royal Car Wash

Working alongside Adam’s Royal Car Wash is always a rewarding experience. The owner, Adam Heimer, possesses an innovative spirit and is never shy about venturing beyond conventional boundaries. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in distinct videos that resonate powerfully on his social media platforms.

The Haunt

Amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in fall 2020, Adam came up with a brilliant idea: a haunted car wash event designed with social distancing in mind. Recognizing the impact of compelling visuals, he reached out to us to craft a promotional video capturing the eerie essence of the haunted tunnel. To our astonishment, the video skyrocketed in popularity, becoming a viral hit. The event was such a smashing success that it led to an overwhelming turnout, momentarily pausing the pulse of the town.

Unlimited Car Wash Pass Commercial

Adam and our crew collaborated with a goal in mind: to boost monthly membership sales through a captivating video. In this creative endeavor, we harnessed the magic of humor-filled scripts, tangible effects, and immersive soundscapes. The outcome? A narrative that not only engages the audience but also emphasizes our core message compellingly.

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